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    147147Notes: file extension value are to be provided with a dot. UPnP classes are to be provided with the fully qualified name. 
     149== Updates to process-style transcoders == 
     151Support for transcoders with type "process"  has been extended as follows. 
     152data output by the 'process' is bufferized in a FIFO, up to a given size. Above this size, the process is paused. To be frank, the concepts here are heavily 'borrowed' from [[ mediatomb]]. 
     153Here are to the available parameters, besides existing {{{type}}}, {{{name}}} and {{{target}}}: 
     155{{{ pipeline }}} : the command to launch the transcoder process. This command takes the form of a python formatting string, with the following variables: 
     156 - either a single {{{%s}}} or {{{%uri}}} variable, corresponding to the source URI or file path. The command has to output transcoded data to its standard output. 
     157 - either both {{{%uri}}} and {{{%output}}} variables, corresponding to the source URI or file path, and file path to a pipe file that coherence will stream to the client 
     159{{{ source }}} : the mimetype (as attribute {{{mimetype}}}) for which the transcoder will be applied. For other data types, no transcoded resources will be proposed. 
     161{{{priority}}} : defines how the transcoded resource will be published, besides the original one. Available values are: 
     162 - -1: the transcoded resource will be published before the original one(s) 
     163 - 0: the transcoded resource will be published in place of the original one(s) 
     164 - 1: the transcoded resource will be published after the original one(s) 
     165 - 2: the transcoded resource will be published at the end of the list 
     167{{{buffer}}} : (optional)tuning parameters for the buffering taking place at the server side, when streaming the transcoded resources. Attributes are: 
     168 - {{{size}}} : total size of the buffer 
     169 - {{{chunk-size}}} : size of data chunks read from the FIFO and served to the client 
     170Values may be tuned according to your setting, to smoothen playback or optimize server resource consumption. 
     172Below a sample transcoder configuration (see svn for the source code for the given {{{bash_memcoder_srt2mpeg}}} command: it takes a srt file, accompanying a video file, and transcode it to mpeg embedding the subtitles). 
     176  <pipeline>misc/transcoders/bash_memcoder_srt2mpeg %uri %output</pipeline> 
     177  <type>process</type> 
     178  <name>srt2video</name> 
     179  <target>video/mpeg</target> 
     180  <!--<buffer size="5242880" chunk-size="8192"/>--> 
     181  <source mimetype="application/x-srt"/> 
     182  <priority>0</priority>