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Cadre - a Coherence PictureFrame

Cadre (why this name?) is a PictureFrame application and MediaRenderer based on Coherence. It grew out the wish to continue the work done on Compère. In its initial version it is using the Clutter toolkit (>= version 1.0).

The code is based on great advice from Zaheer, showing how easy actually the Twisted integration is, and on the example from pyclutter.

Cadre exposes an UPnP MediaRenderer device which can be controlled by the Inspector.

At the moment using an UPnP ControlPoint or providing the necessary content information in a config file are the only ways to make Cadre display an image.

There are two transition modes supported so far - NONE for just replacing one image with the other and FADE for cross-fading the new image other the old one.

The MediaRenderer inside Cadre has an interesting feature, it exposes methods to change display time and transition as UPnP actions.
It is a demonstration and test-bed on how easily vendor-defined Actions and StateVariables can be implemented by a Coherence backend.


Cadre displaying an image

Download and Installation

  • The source zip-archive for the development version is available here
  • Source checkouts via Git is possible, too:
    • current development head: git clone

The code from the git checkout can to be installed with sudo python ./ install, but Cadre does work uninstalled too - PYTHONPATH=$PWD bin/cadre.

After successful download (and installation) you can start Cadre with the command "/usr/bin/cadre" or "PYTHONPATH=$PWD bin/cadre". If there are not the newest Clutter libraries installed you might need the jhbuild command. I've build jhbuild and then did an ~/.local/bin/jhbuild -f ~/.jhbuildrc-clutter build meta-pyclutter. On Ubuntu Jaunty, you needed to first setup an environment with the 1.0 libraries, as they are not packaged yet. Following these instructions

Cadre can then be started with PYTHONPATH=$PWD ~/.local/bin/jhbuild -f ~/.jhbuildrc-clutter run python bin/cadre.

Config file

Cadre can use an XML config file to set options, and store its UPnP device UUID (will be created automatically) over restarts.

The config will be looked for at $HOME/.cadre or its location can be passed via the -c|--config commandline parameter.
There is a sample-config.xml included.

  <logging level="warning"/>
  <name>Cadre - Coherence Picture-Frame</name>
  <display-time>20</display-time>  <!-- the time the image shall be displayed before switching to the next one -->
  <transition>NONE</transition>    <!-- the Clutter backend does support NONE (plain switching) and FADE (cross-fading) so far --> 
  <repeat>yes</repeat>             <!-- not configurable yet -->


Cadre is licensed under the MIT license.


Open Tickets (new...)

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