Maemo Installation

  1. Installation of Coherence and Compère on Maemo
    1. The manual way
    2. the .install file way
  2. configuration
  3. startup
  4. Compère

Installation of Coherence and Compère on Maemo

If you have already installed the pymaemo package, parts of it will be replaced with the Python 2.5 packages from Rob Taylor, which comply more with the usual Python installation you get on the other distributions, and contain a few more expedient modules and some fixes which haven't made it into the pymaemo package yet.

The manual way

The following repositories need to be added to the /etc/apt/sources.list either manually or via the application manager:

#maemo:name Maemo
deb bora free non-free
#maemo:name Codethink
deb bora main
#maemo:name Noklab
deb bora extras

For OGG support in the GStreamer MediaRenderer you need to add this one too:

#maemo:name Tuomas Kulve - Maemo - Bora
deb bora maemo

On the 2007HE software for the N770, the Maemo Extras repository was also required:

#maemo:name Maemo Extras
deb bora free non-free

After that an apt-get update is necessary.

Now apt-get install python-coherence will download the latest Coherence package for Maemo with all mandatory dependencies.

the .install file way

Due to a limitation in the current Hildon application manager it is not possible to install several repository in one .install file.
So you have to click on all three (or four) of the following links.

  1. the Maemo repository
  2. the Noklab repository
  3. ogg-support from the repository of Tuomas Kulve (optional)
  4. Coherence from the CodeThink repository


Put a basic configuration for Coherence in the file /root/.coherence

# config file for coherence
# keywords are case-sensitive

logmode = error                         # error, warning, info, debug, log
#interface = eth0
#serverport = 30020                       # if not specified or set to 0
                                          # coherence will let the OS choose the port

        content = /media/mmc1/content           # append more directories seperated by commas
        name = Coherence N800

You need to adjust the content location accordingly to your setup.


Run the command /usr/bin/coherence and you should see in the file-manager or in Media Streamer a new entry Coherence N800.


Compère is at the moment only available as a package in the Coherence download area. Store in on your N800 and install first its dependencies with apt-get install python2.5-osso and python2.5-pygame. After that the Compère package can be installed with dpkg -i python-compere*.deb.

There will be a new entry in the Extra menu where you can start Compère.

This version looks for a Coherence MediaServer in your network with a FlickrStore? enabled, if it isn't there, no images will be displayed.