Mirabeau on Maemo


For adventurous users only!

If you don't have a N900 you need to install the SDK on your computer. There are no packages yet so you need to get your hands dirty ;)

  1. Enable extras-devel repository

  2. Open a terminal and run:

    $ root
    # apt-get install git python-telepathy python-twisted python-setuptools python-pkg-resources python-configobj python-gobject python-hildon python-gtk2 python-gst0.10
    # Ctrl-d
  3. Exit from the root session and checkout Coherence source code:

    $ git clone https://github.com/coherence-project/Coherence.git MyDocs/Coherence
    $ git clone https://github.com/coherence-project/Mirabeau.git MyDocs/Mirabeau
    $ cd MyDocs/Coherence
    $ root
    # python setup.py develop
    # Ctrl-d
  4. Run Mirabeau:

    $ cd ~/MyDocs/Mirabeau
    $ run-standalone.sh python bin/mirabeau
  5. Once the UI showed up you need to configure at least your Jabber account in the settings.