Devices tested with Coherence

  1. TVs
  2. Audio Players
  3. Multimedia Players, Set-top-boxes, Games consoles
  4. Mobile phones and devices, Tablet PCs
  5. Media Center Software
  6. Misc

These DLNA/UPnP devices have been tested with Coherence.

There are of course a lot more out there that will work together with Coherence, so if you have access to one and have a chance to test it, please add your findings here.


Acer AT3705-MGW
This TV contains a MediaGateway? with UPNP client functionality.
It works perfectly using Coherence 0.5.2
Philips 42PF9731D/10 TV
A Philips TV (2006 model) with a UPnP client, works with Coherence 0.6.1. Probably other screen sizes (first 2 digits) or region (information after the /) will also work.
The Philips 37PFL9903D/10 is confirmed to work too.
Samsung (Media Solution) TV
The DLNA enabled series 7,8,9 (e.g. LE40B653) are reported to work well with Coherence 0.6.5
Sony Bravia TV
Bravia KDL-46W4500, Bravia KDL-40W5500 and Bravia KDL-40Z4500 TVs with an embedded DLNA client, working well with Coherence 0.5.9
Panasonic Viera Plasma
TX(TC)-P42G15E tested with Coherence 0.6.6 playing .avi.

Audio Players

Denon A/V Receiver AVR-3808A
Works with Coherence 0.6.0, validated with the Ampache backend.

Philips Streamium Wireless Music Centre (SLM 5500)

Pinnacle SoundBridge HomeMusic
an autonomous MediaRenderer, works very well with Coherence as the MediaServer and can be controlled by Nokias Media Streamer or the Coherence ControlPoint too!
Seems to be phased out, but is still available for a very attractive price (got mine for ~75€) at the usual places on the net.
Roku Soundbridge M2000
Tried it using Ampache, but see no reason why it wouldn't work in any other configuration
Terratec Noxon 2 audio
that's a somehow autonomous MediaRenderer and it is able to browse a Coherence MediaServer.
Controlling isn't fully supported - a SetAVTransportURI returns an error 500 - as of firmware
Especially that's a painful deficit for a MediaRenderer.
Sagem My Du@l Radio 700
Works fine with Coherence as an UPnP Media Server.
Philips Streamium WAS7500/12
Slow uPnP browsing. Live stream through a PlaylistStore? backend seems to work fine. FSStore and MediaDBStores does not work. (FW 1.3.3540)

Multimedia Players, Set-top-boxes, Games consoles

Buffalo LinkTheather LT-H90
LT-H90 works with Coherence Validated with MediaStore? for the MP3 collection, and FSStore for video/pictures. However, IRadio shows the genres and stations but fails to play the stream of the chosen station. (see #273)
D-Link DSM-510
Works with Coherence 0.6.1, playback of audio, images and video (avi), validated with the FSStore backend?.
Microsoft XBox 360
Thanks to Tristan Seligmann and Robert Swain, who helped debugging the communication attempts of the XBox 360 UPnP client, Coherence can act for it as an UPnP MediaServer.
Popcorn Hour A-110
Tried it using fs_store, flickr_store and dreambox_store. Tested streaming of WMV and MPEG2 video files and JPEG images.
Sony PlayStation 3
There is a growing - yet subtle - relationship between Coherence and the PlayStation 3.
The PS3 can browse the content of a Coherence MediaServer, playback mp3 audio and mpeg2 video files and display jpeg images.
Kudos go to Christian Schaller for his patient debugging assistance.
DirecTV HD-DVR - HR23-700
Tested working with MP3 audio playback and MPEG2/MP2 video/audio playback. As this device ONLY supports MPEG2/MP2 video streams you need to convert content until Coherence supports video transcoding. ffmpeg was used to convert to dvd target with MP2 audio.

Mobile phones and devices, Tablet PCs

Nokia N800 Media Streamer
the Media Streamer is a ControlPoint and an autonomous MediaRenderer (which doesn't announce itself).
It is capable of browsing Coherence MediaServers and retrieving their content, and can control a Coherence MediaRenderer.
There are not yet identified issues with the Media Streamer not recognizing that the playback has started and hence not showing any progress.
Nokia N-series phones
all features of the Symbian UPnP stack on these phones - MediaServer, MediaClient? and ControlPoint - can be used.
Coherence needs to announce its devices as UPnP A/V version 1 to get around a bug in the Symbian stack.
Confirmed working on n900.
Apple iPhone and iPod Touch

Apps from the App Store:

uPnP Browser: As the name suggests, browses LAN for uPnP devices and displays Device Type, IP and more as well as advertised services. Works well. (V 1.0, iPod Touch 3.1.2), FREE
uPnP Peek: Browses LAN for uPnP devices and displays Info. Also should be able to render medias found. Doesn't seem to works as of now.(V 1.0, iPod Touch 3.1.2), FREE
Media Link Player Lite : Mediaplayer that supports DLNA and uPnP. Works well with FSStore and MediaDBStore media. Doesn't play a .m3u stream through PlaylistStore?. Only finds servers no renderers. (V 1.0.4, iPod Touch 3.1.2), FREE
Scany: Scan networks for everything including DLNA, uPnP, SSDP and much,much more. Swiss army knife. Works well. For the price unbeatable. (V1 1.4, iPod Touch 3.1.2), 0.79 Euro
iMediaShare: Pushes Photos from iPod / iPhone to your DLNA / uPnP device. Mentions PS3 and Xbox360 but should work with other too. Not tested but hey, it's FREE.
iMediaSuite: DLNA control, renderer and server. Not yet tested. 4.99 Euro
PlugPlayer: DLNA control and renderer. Works well controlling a Philips WAS7500 renderer except volume control. Handling is a bit clumsy. (V 2.5.0, iPod Touch 3.1.2), 3.99 Euro
Songbook: Control many uPnP device from iPhone / iPod Touch. Not tested. Quite expensive. 64.99 Euro

Media Center Software

XBMC: XBMC's works well with coherence 0.6.4. Tested audio and video on Ubuntu 9.10.

foobar2000: v1.1.8 using the UPnP/DLNA Renderer, Server, Control Point component is stable and works well with coherence. Flac support is not the best, attempting to fast-forward a flac that is not fully cached will result in crash - is a known bug of the plugin.

Linn's KinskyDesktop works well as a control point connected to coherence with foobar acting as the media renderer. Not tested using Linn hardware.


Windows Home Server - WHS: Windows Server 2003 Based OS with built-in Windows Media Connect which works fine with Coherence for music streaming
Asset UPnP: provides a DLNA compliant media server for Windows Home Server and Windows (7/Vista/XP)
djmount: provides access to a Coherence MediaServers content.