The Inspector is an UPnP Device and Service analyzer, and a debugging tool, based on the Coherence DLNA/UPnP framework.
Modeled loosely after the Intel UPnP Device Spy and Device Validator.

It is a GUI to discover and explore UPnP devices on your network. Detected devices are displayed in a tree-view, where - amongst other things - actions can be called and state-variables be queried.

It will host the tests from our UPnP test-suite, to provide a central place to verify device implementations and hunt down any UPnP anomalies.

The Inspector currently in beta and released to get feedback and maybe help ironing out some still existing bugs.


  • inspect UPnP devices, services, actions and state-variables
  • invoke actions on any service
  • extract UPnP device- and service-description xml-files
  • follow and analyze events (per device/service is work-in-progress)
  • global log and device/service based log (work-in-progress)
  • interact with well-known devices, e.g. browse the ContentDirectory of an UPnP A/V MediaServer and inspect its containers and items,
    or control an UPnP A/V MediaRenderer (other UPnP devices, like the BinaryLight? is work-in-progress)
  • UPnP (and later DLNA) conformance tests (work-in-progress)


Inspector showing details of a device and and item of a ContentDirectoryServer?


Inspector browsing two MediaServers and controlling the GStreamer MediaRenderer


Inspector controlling an InternetGatewayDevice (soon in svn trunk version, ui unpolished)


Download and Installation

  • binary packages for your Linux Distribution:
  • available into the "contrib" repository off Mandriva Linux starting from 2009.1. Also available in 2008.1 and 2009.0 in "contrib/backports" Mandriva's repository.
  • for Debian and Ubuntu systems at cjsmo's ppa upnp-inspector-0.2.2-0ubuntu1
  • Source checkouts via Git is possible too:
    • current stable release: git clone -b master https://github.com/coherence-project/UPnP-Inspector.git UPnP-Inspector-stable
    • current development head: git clone https://github.com/coherence-project/UPnP-Inspector.git

The code from the archive or the git checkout needs to be installed with sudo python ./setup.py install.

After successful installation you can start the Inspector with the command "/usr/bin/upnp-inspector".


The Inspector is licensed under the MIT license.


Open Tickets (new...)

UPnP-Inspector should have a special "search" function to query "searchable" containers
Please add GPL License
root item in Browse windows always has title "root"
add a convenience menu option to easily extract ProtocolInfo from MRs and MSs